Posterior Power

Sprint your way to a better behind with this fat-scorching, glute-shaping interval routine.

interval cardio workout


For a butt that defies logic and physics, ditch your daily treadmill sesh and hit the track for sprints. Your glutes are a major power player in propelling you from point A to point B during sprints, generating approximately 40 percent of the propulsive force required. They give you a powerful push off to send you speeding your way down the track while also stimulating fast-twitch muscle fibers (the largest, most powerful movers in your body) much like weight training for a killer booty-building workout.

Sprint intervals are also the ultimate fat-blasting workout, incinerating fat seven times faster than steady-state cardio. Unlike your drawn out treadmill sessions, alternating short bursts of activity with brief back off periods will burn calories both during and after your workout. That’s because high intensity interval training (or HIIT for short), like sprints, throttles up your resting metabolism for hours after your workout is over, so you’ll continue to blast calories even while sitting on the couch. The routine is brutal and quick, but the good news is it can be done anywhere—at the track, on the beach, in a nearby park, with a partner, or solo.


Warm-up: Start with a light warm-up, jogging for 5-10 minutes around a track.

Trial Run: Do a few trial ramp-up runs, starting at about 50% intensity and steadily increasing to maximum intensity.

Sprint Intervals: Sprint all out for 10-15 seconds, then walk briskly for 45-60 seconds to actively recover. Repeat for 12-15 rounds, then cool down.

Cool down: Walk briskly for 5-10 minutes around the track.

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