Haute Seat: 5 Minutes With Celebrity Trainer Micheal George

A star-studded client list and an undeniably refreshing approach to transforming bodies helped establish Michael George as one of Hollywood’s hottest trainers. Here, he shares simple tips to help achieve true health—from the inside out.


Sitting down with Lifestyle Transformation Coach Michael George, whose marathon’s length of A-listers include the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Sean Combs (a.k.a. P. Diddy, Diddy, Puff, Puff Daddy, King Combs, Puffy, and Swag), and Julianne Moore, to name a few, it’s clear why so many are lined up to eagerly embrace his multi-faceted approach to achieving better health.

What he serves up is not, by any means, for the faint of heart. It calls for more than a few pulse-quickening workout sessions per week and guzzling copious amounts of kombucha. There is work, and a lot of it, but the work is not gratuitous—it serves a purpose in the quest for optimum health.

His approach is more of an art form, one that is culled from over 25 years of experience and knowledge, and aims to tackle everything from the most superficial (shapelier glutes—yes, please!) to soul-squeezing stressors that keep you from reaching your full potential. Well beyond true blue in-gym training techniques, Michael’s refreshing attitude is hinged heavily on the idea of balance. What he does is coach and empower, giving his clients tools to create a lifestyle that supports healthy, holistic living. His whole-being style focuses on the body as a complete system—from the nervous system to the muscles, and more. He covers the gamut of all things health to ensure your body responds optimally.

We sat down with Michael to get his best insider tips on how to transform your health from the inside out. Here, he shares his top five:

Tip #1: Be honest with yourself. Evaluate your overall health. Where are you faltering, where are you deficient, where is the weak link? Is your diet in shambles, is your exercise routine inconsistent? Maybe your lifestyle is too stressful. Honestly appraise where you think you are. Evaluating these things is the only way to begin making necessary changes toward better health.

Tip #2: Reduce stress. To defuse the pressure of our hectic modern lives, we must first understand what is causing us stress. We all have a little stress in our day-to-day lives—and that’s not a bad thing. But too much stress can negatively impact your health. Take pulse of what it is that’s causing stress in your life, and look for ways to reduce it. Maybe it’s becoming better at planning, organizing and structuring your life, or it maybe you need to get better at delegating—or it could be all of these. If you get into the habit of thinking ahead and planning, you can typically ease much of the stress of daily life.

Tip #3: Be consistent. Consistent exercise is not just about looking better; it’s about feeling better. If you are consistent in your efforts to feel better, the bi-product is you will most definitely look better expediently. The key is to set realistic goals and make time to achieve them. Ironically, if you skip daily exercise—because life is simply too busy and hectic to exercise—you are actually cutting out the one activity that not only supports good health, but also helps you meet your other obligations. That’s because exercise helps to improve mood, boosts energy, and promotes better sleep. You’ll have more energy and better rest if you exercise consistently—and you’ll live longer!

Tip #4: Take responsibility. Everything you put in your mouth is a choice, and it’s your responsibility to ensure the foods you are eating are fueling better health. An easy rule I like to recommend is: stick to eating healthy 85 percent of the time, no matter what.

Tip #5: Make quiet time for yourself. Spend time alone every day. You don’t have to meditate (though there are many health benefits that come with meditation), but take quality time out to spend by yourself. That means tuning out all of life’s distractions including the phone, TV, kids, your spouse, etc., and taking a full 30 minutes to completely chill. Use this time to check in with yourself, to see how you are feeling each day. Learning to be alone and quiet, as well as more honest with yourself about how you are feeling, are important to living a more soul-based life.

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