Positive Push

Positive workout memories are the key to your next killer training session, according to new research.

woman in gym working out


We know how busy you are—and we know how tough it is to get pumped to hit the gym after a super long day at the office. Instead of bailing on your workout, get positive. Simply recalling a really awesome work out can fuel you to hit the gym, according to a study published in the journal Memory.

Researchers asked about 150 undergrad students to recall either a positive or negative memory that would increase their motivation to exercise; other students were not asked to recall a motivational memory (the control group). Eight days later, they surveyed the students to see if they reported an increase in exercise. They found that those who remembered a positive exercise memory reported significantly higher levels of subsequent exercise than those who didn’t take a trip down memory lane. Interestingly, students who were asked to recall a negative exercise memory also reported exercising more than the control group, although less than the group that recalled a positive exercise memory.


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