Blend Your Way to Beauty

Face creams and cosmetics are not the only way to get your glow on. Promising news on the horizon suggests there may well be another approach to boost your skin’s radiance and your overall allure. Based on a study published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, research is now being conducted which compares drinking a smoothie every day made from carotenoid-rich carrots and tropical fruits to drinking mineral water, in an effort to assess the effects on our skin. Although findings are yet to be published, the future of ‘a smoothie a day’ looks bright. There is much evidence out there already to suggest that our outer glow comes from within; eating more fruits and vegetables high in antioxidants can make you look healthier and, as a result, appear more attractive. So if you want to supercharge your appearance, this could prove to be a naturally nourishing way to free yourself of dull skin and get glowing. Make this year about renewal and revitalization. Put your best face forward; fire up the blender, blast your taste buds, and smoothie your way to a gorgeous, glowing complexion.

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