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From her birth under a double rainbow to her rise on the big screen, this actor, author, and innovator is making waves around the world with her inspiring story. Here, Hollywood’s hottest yogi and health guru RAINBEAU MARS tells HAUTE HEALTH of her love for food, self, yoga, and her mission to heal the planet, one body at a time.

Rainbeau Mars

Photo credit: Leelu Morris

HH: What does it mean to be truly healthy?

RM: Being truly healthy is when we are consistently the most vibrant, fit, and beautiful versions of ourselves. That means not only striving to look and feel your best, but also contributing to the health of your community and the planet, like supporting your local farmer’s market and voting with your wallet by buying organic.

HH: What do you believe is key to transforming your body and health?

RM: Cleansing your body is an absolute must. I do a cleanse—my 21 Day Superstar Cleanse—four times a year. Sometimes, I wish I ate that way all year long but I am too in love with trying various types of foods and indulgences from different cultures, so I just do the best I can. I count on my seasonal cleanse to keep me healthy and radiant; it’s the same as taking your car in for maintenance. Last year I skipped my ‘spring clean’ because I was doing so much in preparation for my summer wedding and I really felt the accumulation of toxins in my system—my skin started to break out and lines on my face became deeper.

HH: Are there certain foods we should be eating more of on a daily basis

RM: Eat more greens. Chlorophyll from dark green leafy vegetables is almost identical to our blood, and nourishes the body with minerals and fresh oxygen. Eating greens should be a daily discipline. They bring oxygen into the system, which helps clean the blood, and supports all the organs.

HH: Nutrient-rich foods can also nourish the body on a deeper, more emotionaleven spirituallevel. What are some ways to practice more conscious eating from this perspective?  

RM: Giving thanks before a meal is one ritual that can help us to be more connected to what we feed our body, mind, and soul. It also helps to activate digestive enzymes and create focus on drawing more nutrients into our system. When you eat cooked or poorly put-together meals, you should supplement with additional enzymes. These enzymes are required for your body to function optimally.

HH: Many have a tendency to think about healthy eating in black-and-white or polarized terms: chocolate is bad, broccoli is good; one diet misstep and we might as well abandon it altogether. How does mindset play a role in our eating habits and journey toward better health?

RM: Great eating habits and achieving inner and outer beauty is reflective of what we are thinking. Practicing positive affirmations and virtues on a regular basis can encourage an internal unfolding on many levels that can be very beneficial.

HH: Positive thinking is one of the fundamental concepts of yoga, something you’ve spent many years honing your wisdom and understanding of. Can you tell us a little about how your yoga for sports fitness system, ra’yoKa came about? 

RM: My own journey of self-discovery, a deeply rooted understanding of yoga, and the desire to fully optimize my time on the mat, culminated in the creation of the ra’yoKa fitness system. It’s an innovative and integrative practice that’s designed to enhance the fundamental principles of yoga with breath-centered flow, dynamic, explosive martial arts movements, and core connection with total-body balance integration. It encompasses seven different levels created to harmonize the body and mind, and allows the participant to choose the level best suited to them in order to balance a specific region and function of the body. My intention [with the ra’yoKa system] is to provide the tools to help each participant become the best version of their individual self.

Rainbeau Mars Yoga Pose

Photo credit: Jeff Skeirik

HH: Do you have any favorite yoga poses?

RM: I like to do a flow combining Crescent Kicks from a high lunge twist, into Warrior III crunches, into a side leg lift, and then seated twist to tone the legs, inner thighs, gluteus maximus, and hips. It’s a combination of classic yoga postures enhanced with movement and sometimes explosive, powerful releases as practiced in ra’yoKa. I prefer sequences to isolated movements; by continuing to work all muscles together in this way, you boost your metabolism and build muscle strength and tone, and also create length. It’s more effective in working your fast- and slow-twitch muscles, plus increasing balance and focus–and is a playful way to spice up a monotonous yoga or workout routine.

HH: What’s one need-to-know tip you can share that’s important to improving one’s yoga practice?

RM: If you’ve stopped breathing, you’ve gone too far, so remember to always focus on your breathing though all movements and sequences.

HH: Achieving optimal vitality through food, thought, and disciplines such as yoga is the basis for your new book, The 21 Day SuperStar Cleanse. Can you share some insights on what the book is about and how it came to be? 

RM: The 21 Day SuperStar Cleanse is about us walking side by side from the time you open the book to the time you close it. That journey is about 21 days, but it could be a longer experience. It was inspired by my own personal journey; not just for the purpose of needing to achieve my “camera best,” but also in healing myself again and again for the love of self.

I developed the program, from the heart, and put it down on paper in the form of poems, recipes, schedules, stories, and pictures as a way to truly serve and support others with the knowledge I have gained over the years—to help them let go, heal, re-charge, and re-boot. It’s also in respect to the planet, as I truly feel that more people doing this program will make a monumental difference in the health and support of our Earth. As my friend James Cameron [Hollywood filmmaker] always says, “If we are not part of the solution, then we are part of the problem.”

HH: Healthy people, healthy planetyou can’t have one without the other. That’s a very powerful message. 

RM: It is. The book covers so much, from the benefits of what eating each color has to offer, such as green foods having chlorophyll to the doctrine of signatures, demonstrating how foods that look like a part of the body are actually good for that part of the body. It has over 75 recipes and daily yoga postures to practice, as well as menu-plan ideas and commitments to repeat with me. There are questions to think and write about, but my favorites are the daily virtues, action plans, and mantras of the day. I also love the guidance of left, right, and center channels of the body and hope that this book balances both the inner and outer being, truly leaving one to feel like their optimal self.

HH: The book is an extension of your global revitalization program, the 3 Week Cleanse, which you offer seasonally to your online community. What are some of the benefits of cleansing? 

RM: The benefits of cleansing are many, including weight loss and increased vitamin and mineral absorption. Whatever is happening outside the body starts from within, and vice versa. Very often we take in a lot of extra foreign substances and chemicals—from the air we breathe to the heavily fried foods, artificial sweeteners, gum, and candy we consume, plus an increased level of cholesterol. These things build up in our system, creating free radicals in the organs and making it difficult for our bodies to process efficiently and effectively. What we do when we cleanse is reset, reboot, recharge, and regenerate. It is a choice what we put into our bodies, and unlike a car or computer, we cannot just trade it in when overly abused. The yogis believe there is no such thing as “the end” but if we want to live a healthy and sustained life we must learn to regularly care for, and even clean out our body. This cleanse is not about restricting calories or deprivation, but about resetting with an abundance of nourishment and satisfying foods that heal and support. My aim is simply to curb the intake of the things that could be slowly making us sick, for 21 days—we have learned it takes 21 days to break or make a habit.

HH: Who are you most excited about helping in their journey towards optimal health and wellbeing with this program?

RM: This book is really written for anyone who wants to embark on the journey of observing self for 21 days, breaking and making new patterns as they find what they are addicted to, and returning to a connection with self that will help prevent chronic disease by giving the organs a break and keeping the body clear. Whether you’re a child, a teenager, or an adult, a nursing mom, or a man—this is a journey of self-discovery that will result in a better life, a better outlook, and a better you.

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21 Day Superstar Cleanse

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