Undeniably, some of the most luxurious and sumptuous goodies you will ever fall in love with, and won’t want to live without either.

It is a rare treat to discover something that not only makes you feel amazing instantly, but also gives you a true sense of holistic wellbeing. When we asked celebrity trainer Ashley Borden what fitness, health, and wellness products she just couldn’t live without, she was thrilled to share these opulently seductive discoveries with us.

You may not believe in miracles, or miracle products, but with testimonials like these, trying one of Ashley’s five faves could get you one step closer to reaching a healthier, happier, and more content you! 

Kai beauty products

Kai Body Butter and Kai Perfume Oil

WHY ASHLEY ♥’S THEM: “Pure, simple, and delicious. I love the intoxicating scent of gardenia wrapped in white exotics, and the cream is so silky and hydrating. It nourishes my soul as well as my body. And, none of the Kai products are tested on animals.”

Body Butter: 6.4 oz., $52 USD

Perfume Oil: 1/8 oz., $38 USD


Tempur-Pedic Pillow

WHY ASHLEY ♥’S IT: “I got ‘fitted’ for the right height and density Tempur-Pedic ergonomic pillow years ago at Relax the Back and have never used a regular pillow since! My sleep is deep and comfortable, and I wake up with no stiffness, feeling rested and ready to rock the day. It goes where I go, and it’s worth every penny.”

Various styles and prices, starting at $79 USD


BackJoy® Posture +

WHY ASHLEY ♥’S IT: “I use my BackJoy Posture + when sitting on every surface, soft or hard; couch, office chair, plane seat, at sporting events…you name it. The difference it makes to my core and lower back is unbelievable because I’m able to sit with optimal posture all the time. I take it with me everywhere.”

$39.99 USD


Jo Malone Candles

WHY ASHLEY ♥’S THEM: “Jo’s scents are incredible, and make every room smell like heaven. These delicious and exotically-scented candles transform any room into a warm, cozy, and inviting space, immediately. I also make sure I bring a small travel size with me when I’m on the road to help me unwind and gather my thoughts after a busy day.”

Candles starting at $65 USD

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