Saving Face: 5 Post-gym Facial Cleansers

Sweat does a body good, but it can wreak serious havoc on your skin. Keep your complexion looking flawless with these five post-sweat-sesh facial cleansers.

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    We love that feeling after an intense workout; sweat streams from every pore, muscles ache with exhaustion, and feel-good endorphins rush through your entire body. That feeling is amazing, for about thirty seconds, until you realize all that sweat—and the oil, dead skin cells and bacteria mixed in with it—is now seeping into your pretty pores. You need to address it ASAP, before it leads to a less-than-enviable complexion. Here, we give you the skin-ny on five of our fave products that fight off post workout skin offenders and keep your skin looking flawless.
    AHA/BHA Cleansing Gel
    WHY WE ♥ IT: With a one-two punch of alpha and beta hydroxy acids, dirt, excess oil, and dead skin, cells come unglued and get sloughed off in hurry. So not only will it tidy up your pores after a hard, sweaty workout, it’ll also combat fine lines and post-breakout marks and give your skin a healthy, radiant glow. Because it’s free of sulphates, parabens, and artificial fragrances and dyes, it’s safe for even the most sensitive of skin types.
    8 oz., $35.50 (USD),
  • One Love Organics Master the Art of Double Cleansing
    Master the Art of Doubling Cleansing
    WHY WE ♥ IT: This trio of plant-based cleansers makes getting impeccably clean skin a whole lot easier. The Easy Does it Foaming Cleanser, Skin Saviour Waterless Beauty Balm, and New Best Friend Skin Shammy, when combined, attack multiple layers of dirt (oil and water-based) to deep clean your pores and promote a healthy, balanced, and smooth looking complexion. And because it’s au naturel, it’s safe for all skin types.
    $50 (USD),
  • Kiehl’s Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser
    Blue Herbal Gel Cleanser
    WHY WE ♥ IT: Cinnamon bark and ginger root are the two key botanical extracts in this non-drying, oil-fighting cleanser. It’s also infused with a tingly hit of salicylic acid to help tackle problem pores. We love the way this super cleanser feels on the skin and the fresh glow it leaves afterwards. Slather it on immediately following your workout to banish all traces of dirt and debris.
    8.4 oz., $21 (USD),
  • Purity Made Simple One-step Facial Cleanser
    Purity Made Simple One-step Facial Cleanser
    WHY WE ♥ IT: Sage, chamomile, cinnamon, and carrot make for a scrumptious sounding combo (and it is) for your skin. Together, these ingredients gently stir up dirt, oil, and makeup and send them spiralling down the drain. Exactly what you’re looking for right after your workout, when your pores are caked with all kinds of debris. The best part…it’s available in 3 fl. oz. bottles so it’s easy to toss into your gym bag.
    16 oz., $33 (USD),
  • John Masters Organics Bearberry Oily Skin Balancing Face Wash
    Bearberry Oily Skin Balancing Face Wash
    WHY WE ♥ IT: With a combination of 20 oil-fighting extracts and citrus, this supercharged formula will help ward off congested pores that can lead to breakouts. Plus, it gives your skin a boost with willow bark extract and alpha hydroxy acids to help shrink pores and mop up dead skin cells so your skin looks fresh and perfectly polished.
    $31 (CAD),

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